Tamas’ passion for Kizomba started in Lisbon, Portugal, 2010, where he first encountered and fell deeply into the dance and culture of Kizomba.  With a solid background in other styles of dance, Tamas had a pivotal opportunity to learn from Mestre Petchú, the first Angolan teacher who developed a methodology for teaching Kizomba (so called “Geometry of Kizomba”).


After completing this intense instructional course in 2011, Tamas began sharing his new found knowledge, enriching his own students with core fundamentals and growing the Kizomba community in his hometown, Budapest, Hungary.  Based on Petchú’s teachings of West-African / Angolan culture and the Geometry of Kizomba, Tamas integrated this with his own methodology of teaching Kizomba, focusing on the engagement of the audience and teaching reliable techniques that result in a unique Kizomba experience.

Tamas is currently based in Wellington, New Zealand where he gives workshops and privates on demand. Moreover, he permanently works on building the local kizomba community to grow it bigger than ever was.


Tamas is the founder of the Hungarian Kizomba Association and the annually held event YES Kizomba & Afro Festival.  His profound understanding of Kizomba and sought after teaching style resulted in many formal invitations by organizers of major and popular European and International Kizomba scenes, events and festivals.

Below is a snapshot history of where Tamas has taught:

NZ Salsa Congress | Wellington 2018

Sydney International Afro Kizomba Festival | Sydney 2017

Melbourne Kizomba Festival | Melbourne 2015

Australian Kizomba Festival | Melbourne 2015

Absolut Kizomba Festival | Adelaide 2015

Bailar Kizomba Festival | Sydney 2015

Melbourne Kizomba Festival | Melbourne 2014

LIKE – London edition | London, UK 2014

TOMA-TOMA festival | Bratislava, Slovakia 2014

Salsa Addicted Festival (SAF) | Timisoara, Romania 2014

Lisbon International Kizomba Energy Festival (LIKE) | Lisbon, Portugal 2013

Kizomba Italian Festival Event (KIFE) | Trieste, Italy 2013

Kizomba Milano Festival | Milan, Italy 2013

And many more...

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