This will give you an insight as to how our modules are structured. 


Our goal is to share both our kizomba cultural and technical experience with students by providing different combinations of techniques, patterns and touches of theory in an open and safe environment where you can relax, focus and have fun. You can learn at your own pace or be guided in an atmosphere where you can practice comfortably.


Our modules are organised into sets of 4 or 8 lessons. Four classes equal 1 term and these are structured as progressive series where each class within the series builds in difficulty from the previous class.  To maximize the learning potential, drop in attendance may be restricted. A 75% attendance rate is fundamental to succeeding to the next module; however, the first 3 classes of a term can be casual. We believe a strong foundation in the basics and fundamentals will enable students to build up their dance abilities, thereby improving, growing and feeling more confident.


Term passes to these modules allow our students to do just that, be successful and feel better week by week. Accessing a term pass will not only be cost effective for our students, it will also make a difference in their learning experience. We also encourage our term students to repeat courses that they have successfully completed at no extra cost.


Our modular progression system can be seen in the diagram below. With a strong core foundation, several opportunities will present itself at a later stage where you may experiment with additional styles or technical related modules. The choice is yours. You choose what you want to learn. We will show you how. 


First timers to kizomba under our supervision may be assessed for suitability and we encourage inquisitive people to approach us for recommendations as to which module is the best for them.


If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

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